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Introducing The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library

The R&B Chord Progression MIDI Library gives you the leverage of a seasoned musician with over 130 MIDI files containing proven, chord progressions constructed with beautiful urban chord voicings perfect for R&B, Soul and R&B/Hip Hop crossover. The MIDI Library was created for any musician or producer looking for INSTANT song inspiration or looking to learn soulful R&B chord progressions and voicings.

The Value of Quality Chord Progressions

Even the most skilled musicians can run into creative blocks from time to time. Coming up with new inspiring chord progressions every time you sit down to produce a beat or track can become very time consuming and counter productive. Even worst, if you haven't quite figured out what you're doing yet, this can become very frustrating and overwhelming. When you have quality working chord progressions that you can use as a starting point, they not only save you time but they spark new ideas and instant inspiration.

Many major music producers hire skilled, seasoned musicians to collaborate with in order to be inspired and create something bigger than themselves. With the R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library, you have the leverage of a seasoned musician right in your studio or home set-up. Plus, you have the power to really use these chord progressions any way you need to get the sound YOU want. Here is what some people are saying...

"With these libraries you can't go wrong"

"After i stumbled on "The R&B Chord Progression" i knew that i had found something that some producers will just not share with you. I'm currently working with a Major Recording Artist who has written songs for Tamar Braxton, Omarion, Diggy Simmons, just to name a few. So having the Best in your arsenal is key and with these libraries you can't go wrong. A Big Thanks to Kamau Duane!!!"

Bee Smooth
Music Producer/Song Writer, LA

"We loved your chord progressions..."

"Thank you. We loved your chord progressions library. I bought it for my 19 year old son whom I am trying to teach production. If you have any more comming out, please let us know."

Music Producer, UK

"Essential product"

"So I used a few right off the bat and was able to work quickly to make many beats , sometimes I use one loop and can revolve a whole song around just the one loop , in this case good material came out in such a short time , I am going to make many more with this product as every midi loop sounds great."

Music Producer


"These chord progressions are brilliant. All of these are a great start for what can be some amazing tracks."

Bassist, IL

"Took my productions to a whole new level..."

"I can honestly say... Having these chord progressions has taken my music to a whole new level. It's like having the perfect template for every song."

Music Producer/Beatmaker, IL


"This is a great product and really helps with the creative process; Especially for those with little music knowledge or those who like to work fast. It has been my go to production tool. Looking forward to more like this."

C. Smith

"The Best!"

"Very nice voicings. Very Tasteful"


What Am I Getting?

You are getting over 130 MIDI files of R&B, Soul, and Crossover (Hip-Hop/R&B) chord progressions. These chord progressions are voiced perfectly for urban music by a seasoned musician. The Library is sectioned off into three main folders: R&B, Soul, And Crossover. You get B sections (changes) as well as many variations for most chord progressions in addition to alternate key signatures. The MIDI files are compatible with virtually every DAW and music creation software. After purchase, you are able to download The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library .ZIP file immediately.

The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library

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